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To Register for NCCCO written & practical exams after 11/30/22 members need to visit and set-up a MyCCO account. This is different than MyCCO App.
We are currently developing a CDL Class A training course for members needing a CDL endorsement. We are scheduling our 1st class on 1/23/23-1/27/23. Future Dates to be determined. Please call Training Center to register.
NCCCO Written Exam will be on Sunday July 16th, 2023. Please contact to register. Test site #IN69037
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District Offices
District #1 Indianapolis
6814 E. 21st Street
Indianapolis, IN 46219
Phone: (317) 353-1308
Fax: (317) 353-1735

District #2 - Fort Wayne
2080 Lincoln Way Court
Fort Wayne, IN 46819
Phone: (260) 747-2190

District #3 Kokomo
107 N. Buckeye Street
Kokomo, IN 46901
Phone: (765) 459-4189
Fax: (765) 452-6975



Schedule a Class
Please select the class/classes you wish to attend and return this form to the training site no later than Friday November 5th, 2022 to insure availability. The site will be open Saturdays beginning December 3rd, 2022 through April 1st, 2023. The training site will be closed for the holidays November 24th, 25th, 26th, & 27th 2022 and Dec. 24th, 2022 through January 2nd, 2023. "Happy Holiday's" Due to Covid-19 we will "NOT" be serving lunch or snacks.

All Classes Begin Promptly at 8 A.M. Unless Otherwise Noted

Fields with a red * indicate required fields.

*Registration #:
*Zip Code:
*Class Year:
(use 4 digits)

Asphalt Class:
Carry Deck / Lull Cert:
Crane Class (Beginners):
(80 HR Class)
Crane Test Practical:
Crane Test Review:
Crane Test Written:
Crane Class (NCCCO):
Drone Pilot License Prep Class:
First Aid & CPR:
(Journeyman only)
GPS Individual Training:
HAZMAT 40hr (Training Site):
HAZMAT Refresher:
Lift Director (NCCCO):
MSHA PT. 48 New Miner:
MSHA PT. 48 Refresher:
OSHA 30hr (1926 Const. Ind.):
(Open to everyone)
OSHA 10hr (1926 Const. Ind.):
(Open to everyone)
Pile Driving Class:
Rigger 1 & 2 (NCCCO):
Rigging & Hand Signals:
Trench Box Safety:

In addition to the classes above that you sign up for, apprentices are required to be onsite based on apprenticeship year according to the table below.
All Apprentice classes are mandatory and are to be completed by April 15th, 2023. If you have a situation that would prevent your attendance it must be approved by the administrator prior to class.
1st Year (A-Gi):
Nov. 28th-29th, 2022 (Ivy Tech/ Personal Finance/ Math 1)
1st Year(Go-M):
Nov. 30th-Dec. 1st, 2022 (Ivy Tech/ Personal Finance/ Math 1)
1st Year(N-Z):
Dec. 2nd-3rd, 2022 (Ivy Tech/ Personal Finance/ Math 1)
**1st Year(A-J):
Dec. 19th-23rd, 2022 (Oiler/Crane-Hand/Rigging-Math 2)
Jan. 23rd, 2023 (Orientation)
Feb. 20th-24th, 2023 (History of Organized Labor)
**1st Year(K-Z):
Jan. 24th, 2023 (Orientation)
Jan. 30th-Feb 3rd, 2023 (Oiler/Crane-Hand/Rigging-Math 2)
Feb. 27th-Mar. 3rd, 2023 (History of Organized Labor)
** 1st Year Physical Science/Field Training:
Dec. 19th-23rd, 2022 (Physical Science/Field Training L-Ro)
Feb. 13th-17th, 2023 (Physical Science/Field Training Ry-Z)
Mar. 6th-10th, 2023 (Physical Science/Field Training A-Fe)
Apr. 3rd-7th, 2023 (Physical Science/Field Training Fl-J)
2nd Year(A-J):
Nov. 28th-Dec. 3rd, 2022 (Field Training)
Jan. 16th-20th, 2023 (Human Relations in the Workplace)
Feb. 20th-25th, 2023 (Field Training)
2nd Year(K-Z):
Nov. 28th-Dec. 2nd, 2022 (Human Relations in the Workplace)
Jan. 16th-21st, 2023 (Field Training)
Feb. 27th-Mar. 4th, 2023 (Field Training)
2nd Year (Math III)
Jan. 9th-10th, 2023 (A-F)
Jan 11th-12th, 2023 (G-N)
Jan 13th-14th, 2023 (O-Z)
3rd Year(A-Mi):
Dec. 12th-17th, 2022 (Field Training)
Jan. 30th-Feb. 4th, 2023 (Field Training)
Feb. 6th-10th, 2023 (HAZMAT)
3rd Year(Mo-Z):
Jan. 23rd-28th, 2023 (Field Training)
Feb. 27th-Mar. 3rd, 2023 (HAZMAT)
Mar. 27th-Apr. 1st, 2023 (Field Training)
4th & UP Year Field Training (A-J):
Dec. 5th-10th, 2022 (Field Training)
Jan. 9th-14th, 2023 (Field Training)
Mar. 13th-18th, 2022 (Field Training)
4th & UP Year Field Training (K-Z):
Jan. 3rd-7th, 2023 (Field Training)
Feb. 6th-11th, 2023 (Field Training)
Mar. 20th-25th, 2023 (Field Training)
Make sure your e-mail address is correct. A copy of this information will be sent to your e-mail address for confirmation. Please click "Submit" only once. The system may take up to 30 seconds to process your information.

Training Center
  4277 E. County Rd. 67
  Anderson, In 46017
  (765) 378-0013

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